AirO In Wall Extraction Fan C/W HRV

Create a healthy living/working environment

This system provides a continuous air change, replacing stale moisture laden air with fresh, warmed air from outside. This is an extremely effective solution to stale, musty indoor air condensation and mould growth problems in any room in which they are fitted. The system is also very easy to install.

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System features of the AirO In Wall Extraction Fan C/W HRV

  • For single room use
  • For wall installation
  • Available with air flow rate from 30 to 93 m3/h
  • No formation of condensation during operation
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Built in filters class G2
  • Low energy consumption fan
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Supplied with 3-speed remote control
  • Coloured LEDs for settings display
  • 3 speed fan operation
  • External power supply 220 Vac – 12 Vdc supplied

AirO 30/55/80 

  • Available with air flow rate from 30, 55 or 80 m3/h
  • Wall opening 100-125-150mm
  • High efficiency heat exchanger in ceramic material
  • Minimum thickness for installation: 210mm, from inside
    to outside through wall.

AirO 100 

  • Air flow rate 93m3/h
  • Wall opening 200mm
  • High efficiency cross flow polyester heat exchanger
  • Minimum thickness for installation 370mm