Wilo ST 25/6-3 (replacement for solar pumping station)


Wilo ST 25/6-3 (replacement for solar pumping station)

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Special features/product benefits

• Special hydraulics for applications in solar thermal systems

• Up to 30% less current consumption due to class B motor technology

• Pump housing with wrench attachment point

• Pump housing with cataphoretic (KTL) coating for the prevention of corrosion by condensation formation


Technical data

• Permissible temperature range -10°C to +110°C, in short-term operation (2 h) +120°C

• Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz

• Protection class IP 44

• Threaded connection Rp ½ and Rp 1

• Max. operating pressure 10 bar

Additional information

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