SM40 Minimix 150sec/90o motor 230V (E6/E8)


SM40 Minimix 150sec/90o motor 230V (E6/E8)

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The SM 4 FR H set point controller serves to maintain a pre-defined temperature in the supply section of a heating system at a constant level

by regulating a 3 or 4 way mixer using an integrated mixer drive. Appropriate adapters enable the controller / mixer drive combination

to be used both with WITA 3 or 4 way mixers or with mixers from other suppliers. The direction of the mixer drive (rotation to the left or right)

and the activation of the supply temperature limitation can be set using 2 internal jumpers.

2 LEDs on the front of the controller display the currently activated mixer drive signal (on/off).

The LEDs also display sensor errors and any temperature limitation that has been set.

The FBD remote control can be connected to measure room temperature and to remotely adjust settings.


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