Repa R 200 Leak Sealer (1 Litre)


Repa R 200 Sealer (1 Litre) is designed to seal leaks in heating systems of 200 litres per day

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REPA PRODUCT ADVANTAGES • REPA SEALER ADVANTAGES • REPA THERM Seals water loss of up to 10 litres per day • REPA 200 Seals water loss of up to 200 litres per day • REPA Boiler Seals water loss of up to 500 litres per day • Applicable for use with steel, iron, copper and plastic • Permanently seals leak • Resistant to ageing • Resistant to pressure up to 10 Bar, to temperatures up to 1200oC and to chemicals i.e. Repa corrosion inhibitor • Non-toxic • Biodegradable • Unlimited storage Life • Sensitive to frost

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