Repa KS Corrosion inhibitor (1 Litre)


Repa KS Corrosion inhibitor prevents heating systems from becoming filled with iron oxide and sludge. It prevents components breaking down prematurely by preventing electrolysis occuring internally in the system from the day its used.

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REPA KS ADVANTAGES • REPA KS prevents degradation in heating installations by binding oyxgen molecules making electrolysis impossible. • REPA KS prevents dissimilar metals from attacking one another in a hot and oxygen rich environment. • REPA KS extends the life expectancy of heating system components by up to 20 years. • REPA KS has a life span of approximately 5 years and needs to be replaced within this time frame to maintain effect corrosion inhibition. • Applicable for use with steel, copper, aluminum and plastic • Prevents sludge deposits • Can be used in the PH range 7.5-10 • Nonvolatile • Nonflammable • Compatible with antifreeze • Combination product based on molybdate, polycarboxylic and organic sulfur-copper inhibitor • Avoid CaCO3 deposits through stabilizing hardness (calcium carbonate) • Particularly suitable for floor heating with plastic pipes • Unlimited storage Life

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