Repa Clean descaler (1 Litre)


Once the deposits have been loosened, they need to be flushed from the heating system using mains water, well water pump or power flushing pump. Do a search on our site for power flushing pumps.

By cleaning the heating system, heating efficiency is greatly improved, fuel savings are incread dramatically and the overall room comfort is greater.

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REPA CLEAN ADVANTAGES • REPA Clean Removes rust, lime and sludge deposits from boiler exhangers, the walls of radiators, pipes and fittings • REPA Clean is suitable for use with steel, cast iron, aluminum, plastic and all other usual heating materials present in a heating system • REPA Clean is a combination of ascorbic acid, hardness stabilizer and other complexities of chemicals • REPA Clean cleans safely during operation • REPA Clean increases the efficiency of the heating and reduces energy costs by improving flow rates and efficient heat transfer • REPA Clean is not intended for drinking water pipe work • REPA Clean will not work simultaneously with other chemicals • REPA Clean is biodegradable • REPA Clean has an unlimited shelf life

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