REMS Frigo 2 unit with freeze kit up to 1 1/4″


REMS Frigo 2 – electrically freezing instead of draining. Super fast up to 2”. High cooling capacity, e.g. ¾” steel pipe in only 9 min*.
Particularly compact, patented deep-freezer heads, for very fast assembly.

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System advantage

Only one pipe freezing unit for the complete working range up to 2”. One-size freezer heads for the core working range Ø ¼ – 1” / Ø 15 – 35 mm,

no reducing inserts required. Aid the cooling process simply by spraying with water. Always clean freezer heads, no pastes/greases required.


Closed refrigerant circuit

Electric pipe freezing unit with closed refrigerant circuit. Environmentally safe. Can be used anywhere, also in closed rooms.

Refrigerant R-404A. High cooling capacity. Ideal also for longer repairs.



Robust, compact. Very small deep-freezer heads fitted parallel to the pipe leaving refrigerant hoses for working in confined areas and niches also.

Single or double freezing possible.


Cooling aggregate

Very quiet. Cooling aggregate, 430 W, in sturdy sheet metal housing with ventilating side openings for optimum air circulation.

Large top compartment, easily accessible, for refrigerant hoses and accessories. Weighs only 23 kg. Easy to carry.


Deep-freezer heads

Very compact deep-freezer heads with special geometrically shaped cavities for seating different pipe diameters.

Very small, only 50 mm wide. All pipe sizes from Ø ¼ – 1” resp. Ø 15 – 35 mm can be frozen with only one deep-freezer head.

Deep-freezer inserts for the rest of the capacity up to 2”, 60 mm.

Tightening straps for simple and quick assembly of deep-freezer heads onto the pipe, without tools.


Refrigerant hoses

Flexible, extra-long refrigerant hoses in wear resistant, synthetic rubber for large work radius.

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