REMS Camscope Set


REMS Camscope Set

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Rems CamScope SetBrilliant pictures and videos inside cavities, shafts and pipes.Set includes handheld unit c/w 4 x AA batteries, LR6 removable control unit with radio signal transmission, 3.5″ TFT LCD colour display display with integrated Li-Ion battery, 2 GB Micro SD card, 16mm colour camera with dimmable white LEDs and fixed focus, 1m push cable, add on mirror, add on hook, add on magnet, charger, USB cable, video cable and sturdy carrying case.Lightweight, extremely portable device for inspection of enclosed or difficult to access areas such as cavities, shafts, trunking, suspended ceilings and pipes.Permanent record of images and videos can be saved on the micro SD card and played back on the unit or other PC or laptop.3.5″ TFT LCD colour display receives images and video from the main unit via radio link and can therefore be removed from the main unit and viewed remotely, extremely handy for overhead and confined areas.Available with 16mm, 9mm or 4.5mmØ camera heads, please select from button menu above the “add to cart” button.Push cable extensions available in 900mm lengths for extra long runs up to 4.5m.

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