REMS Amigo 2 electric tool (Complete with 1/2” – 2” dies)


Electric die stock with quick-change die heads

Powerful, easy-to-operate electric tool for threading with unique, patented support bracket. Ready for use anywhere, without vice. Ideal for repair, renovation, job site.

Pipe threads 1/8–2″, 16–50 mm. Bolt threads 6–30 mm, 1/4–1″. Pipe threads with REMS 4″ automatic die head 2 1/2–4″.

REMS amigo 2 – extremely strong up to 2″.

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System advantage

Only one type of small, compact quick-change die heads and only one type of dies for all REMS die stocks.

Thus efficient and easy stocking. No confusion possible.


Support bracket

Solid, easy to use, supports the die stock against torque in both directions. Secure clamping through angular clamping spindle with self-supporting effect.

Very simple mounting of die stock onto support bracket and pipe.



Compact, robust, job site-proven. Can be used anywhere, even without vice. Slender design for working in confined areas. Drive unit only 6.5 kg, without

die head. Perfect seating of quick-change die heads.



Solid, maintenance-free gear. Robust 1700 W universal motor with 30 % power increase thanks to automatic carbon brush adjustment

while changing the direction of rotation. Fast threading time 30 – 18 rpm. Safety tip switch.


Quick-change die heads

Proven technology, high-grade material and precise machining of die head, dies and cover form a unit  and ensure an excellent start-cutting performance

and easy threading. No stalling of dies. Long, precise pipe guidance for perfect pipe centering.

The chip holes which become wider at the outside enable good chip flow and clean threads.



The proven, industructible REMS quality dies with precise cutting geometry ensure an excellent start-cutting performance,

easy threading and clean threads. Dies in a high-quality special-grade steel, fully tempered and hardened, for extremely long die life.

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Weight 10 kg

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