Lago SD3 Digital Solar Controller


Lago SD3 Digital Solar Controller

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Features include:

• Simple programming and operation

• Automatic configuration by selecting the system diagram

• Automatic sensor recognition

• LCD display to show temperatures, operating conditions and heat yield

• Pump kick function

• Collector protection function

• Determining the solar heat yield for a maximum of two collector panels

• Daily yield

• Total yield


This controller can be used to control various system types:

System 1: Solar control

System 2: Solid fuel boiler control for two storage tanks

System 3: Solid fuel boiler control with solar control

System 4: Solar control with two collectors

System 5: Solar control with two storage tanks – switch-over via valve

System 6: Solar control with two storage tanks -2 feed pumps

System 7: Solar control with reheating function

System 8: Solar control with heating system return temperature increase

System 9: Solid fuel boiler control with return temperature increase via mixer

System 10: Solar control with two storage tanks switched in cascade

System 11: Solar control with 2-layer storage system

System 12: Solar control with 3-layer storage system


Performance features:

– 5 sensor inputs

– 1 pulse input for heat volume metering

– 2 relay outputs

– 1 triac output (speed control)

– Collector protection function / Storage tank cooling

– Reheating function / Circulation function

– Return temperature increase via mixer

– 2 controllable differentials

– Hysteresis adjustable from 1 to 30 K

– Pump blocking protection

– Heat volume calculation using a flow rate determination

– Floating contact, switching, for second heat generator

– Easy installation

– Wall-mounted housing

– Speed-controlled collector pump, adjustable

– Communication

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