Kromschroder telephone switch (E6/E8)


Kromschroder telephone switch (E6/E8)

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The Telephone Remote Switch is capable of remotely controlling heating regulators or room thermostats which have an appropriate entry port.

The devices switch from reduced mode to heating mode as soon as the respective terminals detect a short circuit (see heating regulator’s instructions).



All devices which are connected to the telephone network must be in accordance with the respective prevailing national regulations.



• Telephone Remote Switch TFS

• Power plug

• Connecting cable


Telephone connection

The TFS has two 6-pole RJ11 (Western) telephone slots. However, for the connection of the TFS only the slot marked “Line” is needed.

This slot is connected to the slot for additional devices on the telephone jack by means of the enclosed connecting cable and the adapter plug.

Please make sure that your telephone jack has a slot for additional devices (Germany NFN code), so that you can use your telephone and the TFS at one jack.

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