CoCo PC active software (E6/E8)


CoCo PC active software (E6/E8)

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• Mobile use, e.g. for installation personnel, together with an optical adapter or a CoCo-PC for on-site service

or configuration during installation/modification of the heating system using a notebook.

• In-house use with the CoCo-PC for direct connection of the PC to the heating system’s bus for implementation

as a monitoring unit or for programming [security personnel, proprietor].

• Remote configuration/monitoring of a heating system with the CoCo-PC + modem for communication with the heating system

via a telephone and for automatic fault notification via SMS [service company, holiday accommodation].

• Remote service with the Wikon telecontrol station.



• Reading in the configuration of a heating installation

• Access controller on bus

• Read-in / modify / transmit parameters to controller

• Transmit saved parameter records to controller

• Read-in measured values

• Read-in error messages

• Documentation of temperature curves, for example, through integrated data recorder (log function)

• Automatic fault notification function via the PLC (only in connection with a “CoCo-PC active”)


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