Carbon Block 10 MCR Cartridge


Carbon Block 10 MCR Cartridge

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APPLICATIONS:Filtration of: fine particles; elimination of unpleasantodours flavours and colours caused by chlorineor other organic substances; removal of pesticides,insecticides, chlorinate solvents.Domestic use: micro-filtration and treatment of drinking water inpoint-of-use appliances, rain water clarification.Technical use: filtration and pre-treatment for the protection ofreverse osmosis units. Anti-chlorine treatment in alimentary, chemicaland pharmaceutical industry.Average life-span: about 6 months.Maintenance: none.Remark – Use a pre-filter to protect the cartridge.WORKING CONDITIONSMax working temperature _________ 80┬░CSPECIFICATIONSNon-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water.Filtering medium: syntered activated block made of high efficiencycoconut shell.End caps and netting: polypropylene.Inner and outer wraps (flees): polypropylene.Flat seals: NBR.CB-EC 10 SX 10 mcr: Nominal filtration: 10 micron (85% or greater removal of given particle size) – Chlorine, taste, odour reduction:30.000 l at 3,8 l/m (90% reduction at 2 ppm Cl2) – Pressure drop: 0,18 bar at 3,8 l/m.

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