BM Digital master room thermostat


BM Digital master room thermostat

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The operating module allows system parameters (e.g. time, current hot water temperature setting) and heating circuit parameters

(e.g. heating times and desired room temperature) for the heating system to be conveniently entered and displayed from the user’s living room.

This allows the system to be continuously monitored and optimised.

The operating module also allows weather-dependent control to be carried out using a room temperature correcting facility.


The heating system

This controller can be expanded in a modular fashion using additional modules that are connected via the integrated bus.

In its maximum configuration, the system can be used to control the following heating system components:

1-8 Boiler (modulating or switching)

1-15 Mixed weather-dependent heating circuits

0-15 Room controller (digital or analogue)

1 Solar system (2 collectors, 2 storage tanks)

1 Solid fuel boiler

The various components are simply coupled to the system bus. The modules log on to the system automatically and search

for their communication partners via the defined bus IDs (heating circuit number or boiler number).

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