Augusta Solar vacuum tube complete HP28 system – no cylinder


Augusta Solar vacuum tube complete HP28 system – no cylinder

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The key benefits


Perfect integration

The individual heat pipe tubes are connected to the dry header. This simplifies installation and allows easy replacement in case of need to individual tubes. An ideal plug-in system ensures excellent heat transfer between heat pipe and heat transfer medium in the collector and also ensures short installation time.

The complete system is assembled in working order and checked for on the spot leaks. In order for the solar system to start operating, the vacuum tubes are inserted into the manifold housing. From that moment the Augusta solar system ensures the optimum use of solar energy every day of the year.


The highly selective coating ensures optimal utilization of energy in different weather conditions, especially under cloudy skies.


The 2.8 mm thick and highly transparent borosilicate glass is shatter proof to hail. The resistant glass surface ensures consistent high light transmission. The shape and extremely smooth surface gives the tubes a self-cleaning effect. The glass-metal and stainless steel connecting tube closure in the thermo-compression method closes the vacuum-sealed tubes permanently. The special getter acts as a chemical vacuum pump and vacuum insulation ensures approximately 10 -8 bar over the entire life span of the tube. All internal components are protected by the vacuum from weather and corrosive conditions.

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