Aquaflush Magnetic Heating Filter


Aquaflush Magnetic Heating Filter

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Developed to protect the boiler and heating system from harmful ironoxide and sludge build up.When used in conjunction with flushing machines the Aquaflush Magnetic Filterreduces the time taken to power flush the system and also reduces theamount of water used.The Aquaflush Magnetic Filter can be installed permanently into the heatingsystem or used in conjunction with any flushing machine. The Aquaflush Magnetic Filter provides protection by removing black iron oxidefrom the heating system hence increasing the efficiency of the heating system.The Aquaflush Magnetic Filter is unique in that the filter does not have to be externally removed. The magnets construction allows the iron oxide to accumulate around the magnetic core.The transparent housing allows for visual inspection of iron oxide build up.The iron oxide can then be flushed from the filter using the outlet valve.

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