10″ Polypropylene 5 MCR Cartridge


10″ Polypropylene 5 MCR Cartridge

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APPLICATIONS:High efficiency filtration of fine particles, rust, lime, sand, scale.Domestic use: filtration of drinking water, protection of taps,boilers, washing machines and other installations.Technical use: pre-filtration for reverse-osmosis membranes andfor all applications when is required high efficiency on finesretention. Filtration of water and other liquids in industrial applications:chemical, petrochemical, photographical, electroplating,pharmaceutical, food industry.High efficiency pre-filter for U.V. lamp units. Post-filter for granularactivated carbon units.Average life-span: variable, max 6 months.Maintenance: none.WORKING CONDITIONSMax. working temperature _____________ 80┬░CSPECIFICATIONSNon-toxic material, suitable for drinking water.Filtering medium: polypropylene

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