Q: Is Aquatech underfloor heating controllable and is it comfortable heat?

A: Aquatech underfloor heating is very controllable and an extremely comfortable form of heat.

Q: Why are Aquatech aluminium radiators so efficient versus standard steel radiators?

A: Metal versus metal aluminium is 40% more efficient at dissipating its heat and therefore heats a building much more quickly. Also aluminium radiators are very attractive looking and never corrode.

Q: Who manufactures Aquatech aluminium radiators and what warranty do they carry?

A: Radiatori 2000 in Italy. The third largest producer of aluminium radiators in the world. They carry a 10 year warranty.

Q: What servicing is required with a Airo heat pump?

A: The only servicing required periodically is that the filter strainer is cleaned situated on the return pipe to the heat pump. All heating systems should be checked at least every 5 years and the corrosion inhibitor should be replaced to the correct dosage.

Q: How do I know if my Airo heat pump is in warranty?

A: From the date of purchase the heat pump carries a 5 year warranty, provided an approved filter strainer is installed on the return pipe work to the heat pump and provided that the heating water has the correct dosage of approved corrosion inhibitor installed from new.

Q: Who are Airo?

A: Airo are manufactured by the one of the largest heat pumps and air conditioning manufacturers in the world.

Q: My solar system has stopped heating my hot water, what might the issue be?

A: Solar systems work with high peak pressures due to the high temperatures produced. An undersized expansion vessel can cause the system to loose pressure through the safety valve or auto air vent. A sensor on the solar controller or controller itself may be faulty. A specialist solar installer would remedy this problem.

Q: Does REPA leak sealer actually work?

A: Repa leak sealer is the market leading brand of leak sealer in Ireland because it does work 97% of the time. Repa’s weakest form of leak sealer Repa Therm is equivalent to its strongest competitors brand in the market. Repa leak sealer is an inexpensive alternative in fixing a leak than trying to find a leak by taking up floors and digging holes in a home.

Q: Why are Dejong cylinders the only cylinder sold in Ireland and the UK that do not require annual servicing replacing anodes to maintain the warranty?

A: Dejong manufacture their cylinders from a grade of stainless steel known as 316L. This is a marine grade of stainless steel and is resistant to many forms of naturally occurring non treated water that would otherwise attack other forms of stainless steel.

Q: Why do Dejong only give a 10 year guarantee on their cylinders and some competitors give 25 years?

A: Read the small print on the terms and conditions of a 25 year guarantee. All welds on joints are covered for only 2 years! Most cylinders if used with non mains water have no guarantee if used on well water from date of installation! if sacrificial anodes are not replaced annually the warranty is also void after the first year!

Dejong give a no quibble 10 year guarantee on all their cylinders used with all mains and well water installations.

Q: Who are Dejong?

A: Dejong are a specialist stainless steel manufacturer based in Holland. They produce in excess of 120,000 cylinders per year for a worldwide market.

Q: How do I get a quotation from Aquatech ?

A: Send us a copy of your plans with your contact details attached and note down exactly what you are looking for or if your request a call back and we will look after the rest.